We source our flatbreads from Ararat, a family run bakery in Dalston.

We source all our meat through Tom Hixon. 


Koji fried chicken

Koji is a Japanese rice culture. It is the basis from which mirin, soy, sake and many other Japanese ferments and products are made. One of the amino acids released by the action of koji is glutamate, which imparts the chicken with heaps of umami. We marinate free range chicken thighs in koji for 24 hours before dusting it with cornflour and plunging it in the fryer. 


EdaMame Falafel

Our lighter, brighter, healthier and tastier version of falafel. We swap out the chickpeas for edamame beans, combine with spring onion, garlic and coriander and fry until dark green. A luxury flat and London street food first!


Miso braised beef

Our prime cut of butcher's chuck roll is sous vide in a homemade stock with loads of miso for 18 hours. It's then pulled and more miso is added. It's rich. 


All our flatbreads are served with...

- market salad

- fennel kimchi

- coriander

- mirin yoghurt

- home blend sriracha